ThermX Temperature-Controlled Travel Mug

ThermX Temperature-Controlled Travel Mug

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Designed to keep your coffee warm & delicious all day! 

Do you often get carried away with work and when you finally have the time to enjoy your coffee only to find that it has gone cold and yucky?

ThermX Travel Mug cools your hot coffee down to the perfect temperature in less than 2 minutes and keeps it warm and delicious for 8 hours!

  • 12 fl. oz (355 ml)
  • Easy to clean. The mug is safe to handwash and submersible up to 1 meter in water
  • Leak-proof lid is dishwasher safe

New touch display

World's Fastest Cooling mug

Cools your hot coffee down to the perfect temperature in less than 2 minutes

New touch display

One-Handed Open & Drink

Easy to open, push-button lid, drink coffee easily even if you're driving or on the go

New touch display

Keep Warm for 8 Hours

Our ThermX make sure your coffee stays yummy and at the perfect temperature for 8 hours

New touch display

No Battery & Charger

Save time and hassle! No need to plug it into a charger or outlet to keep it going

ThermX cools down your piping hot coffee in less than 2 minutes!

Our engineer uses Phase Changer Material to extract the excess heat from your freshly made coffee and bring it to the perfect coffee temperature fast.

You will never have to wait for your coffee to cool down.

Enjoy warm and delicious coffee all-day

Our ThermX has been engineered with a double-wall body to store the heat and make sure your coffee stays yummy and at the perfect temperature for 8 hours.

We understand how busy you are and sometimes you simply do not have the time to enjoy your coffee. We promise that you will never have to reheat your coffee in the microwave or tolerate cold and gross coffee again.

No more leaks or making a mess in your bag

Our unique lock feature makes this mug leak and spill-proof. We have tested this extensively. The leak-proof lid comes with a safety lock so you don’t accidentally press the button while on the go.

You can simply toss your ThermX in your bag and go. No more googling how to remove coffee stains on your clothes!

Easy and effortless one-handed open to drink

When you want a sip, just simply push to open and push again to close.

Enjoy your coffee even if you’re carrying other stuff in your other hand. Or when you’re driving. This mug fits in your car’s cup holder perfectly!