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Everything you need for a gorgeous tan on your terms. Each product in our signature collection is designed to work in synergy with the others. The true beauty of our system is the simplicity and versatility of the system. And getting the full Suite is our best value.


  • THE ONE - TAN + TONE WHIPPED TANNING MOUSSE,  our first sunless tanner that delivers deep, blendable color you can customize
  • THE DAILY - TAN + EXTEND BOOST MOUSSE, which gives you a great gradual tan, and pairs perfectly with The One to keep you glowing longer 
  • TONED PH BALANCING SPRAY + PREPPING MIST, that’s designed to tone and hydrate your skin, allowing for the best tanning application
  • THE MITT, our luxury self-tanning mitt that lets you get an impeccable application without stained palms