Masingo Presto G2 Turquoise Karaoke Machine for adults and kids

Masingo Presto G2 Turquoise Karaoke Machine for adults and kids

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Never underestimate the little guy (or gal). This mini karaoke machine for kids and adults features superstar tech to light your vocal vision! With 6 playback options (including PA speaker system), 2 LED lights, 2 wireless UHF karaoke microphones, and a magic karaoke mode, it's more than a Bluetooth karaoke microphone and speaker set. It’s a trendy disco dazzler, Saturday-at-home enhancer, block party rocker speaker with lights.

-Karaoke for TV: Included RCA cable lets you play sound through your TV speaker. 

-Smart Device Holder: Fits any phone or tablet! Turn your G2 into a karaoke machine with lyrics display. Download your favorite music video channel or app onto your smart device to display karaoke lyrics on screen for a classic KTV karaoke machine experience.

-Flexible Funk Player: DJ your digital songs via Bluetooth for cordless input, or plug your playlist into the karaoke flash drive / Micro-SD. Easy setup for all modes!

-Dual Mics for Duet Duel: Sing solo, share a duet, or rap battle for the title of karaoking (i.e. Karaoke King). Each new wireless karaoke microphone for singing has its own controls. The G2 is also compatible with an AUX or bluetooth karaoke mike adaptor.

-Love the Loud: The included AUX cable connects to external speakers for an even sharper karaoke sound system...not that you’ll need it. The 15-watt amplifier in this double karaoke speaker means you can rock the house. 

-All Ages: Adults and kids karaoke machine for family friendly fun. Men, women, boys, or girls karaoke machine —The Presto G2 is a blast for everyone!

-Tailgate your Tunes: Is it an indoor karaoke machine or outdoor block rocker? Traveling karaoke set or home karaoke system? Why not both? Groove out to the beat whether in the studio or on the road to Rockville.