Üllo Original Wine Purifier + Carafe

Üllo Original Wine Purifier + Carafe

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The union of science and style, Üllo + Carafe is designed for serving red and white wines. The power of Selective Sulfite Capture™ purification combines with Üllo's uniquely styled Carafe for a Pure Wine experience best shared among friends. The included Carafe is hand blown from lead-free crystal and is the perfect fit for showcasing the Üllo Wine Purifier.

Product Features: 

  • WINE PURIFIER Üllo purifies any white, rose, or red wine by removing only the artificial sulfite preservatives and none of the natural compounds that make every wine unique.
  • SULFITE FREE WINE Enjoy any wine without the stuffy nose, headaches, or other common side effects of histamines and sulfites.
  • CRYSTAL CARAFE Similar to a wine aerator Üllo's hand blown wine carafe and wine purifier is the kitchen gadget that will let your wine's aromas, and flavors of your favorite red wine or white wine come alive.
  • WINE AERATOR Unlike typical wine aerators and wine accessories, Üllo offers you the option to aerate selectively with an 'on/off' aerator switch to infuse oxygen into bold red wines or to protect the balance of delicate white wines.
  • EASY TO USE The Üllo Wine Purifier works with all Üllo wine filter replacements. Üllo rests on any wine glass and fits perfectly with Üllo’s decanters and carafe. Üllo easily disassembles, is dishwasher safe, and makes enjoying pure wine a delightful experience.
  • QUALITY AND SAFETY Üllo’s wine filter is patented and made from Food Grade BPA-free materials and does not add any chemicals or additives to the wine.

Package Contents: 

  • Original Üllo Wine Purifier
  • Hand blown lead-free crystal Üllo® Carafe
  • Purifier travel bag
  • Soft-touch display base
  • 6 Selective Sulfite™ full bottle filters