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Onyx Cool 80° Pro Vest

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Onyx Cool’s 80° Pro Vest is specially formulated to counteract heat stress and enhance performance. Safely cools the core to maintain comfortable body temp.  Designed for people who work hard in the heat: athletes; construction and manufacturing workers; police, military, and healthcare heroes.

  •  Onyx Octa-Cool 80° PCM delivers a refreshing rush of cool relief when it comes in contact with your 98.6° degree body.
  •  Designed for high-temp environments: outdoors – high heat and humidity; indoors – manufacturing plants and operating rooms.
  •  Long-lasting, soothing relief. Stays cool for up to two hours.
  • Refreshes at room temperature when not in use — no refrigeration required.

How it works:

  •  As the cooling PCM absorbs body heat, it changes phase and the cooling pods become clear.
  •  When not in use, the cooling PCM pods refresh at room temperature.
  •  On-demand cooling whenever and wherever you need it.
  •  Made in America. FDA registered.  HSA and FSA reimbursable.