Olivia Rose Satin Sleep Set & 2 Pack Towel Turban

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The Olivia Rose Satin Sleep Set will add a relaxing and luxurious feel to your nightly routine.

The set includes a matching satin eye mask and satin pillowcase in your choice of 4 color options.

The satin pillowcase helps to reduce and prevent wrinkles, reduces hair breakage and frizzy hair, and will help to maintain the moisture balance in your skin and your hair.

The satin eye mask features an elastic strap that will ensure a comfortable and secure fit while you sleep.

The Olivia Rose Towel Turban Set is the perfect option for hands-free hair drying, and also works to minimize frizz and hair damage.

The Towels are made with a superior absorbing and lightweight fabric that has moisture-wicking properties so you can dry your hair quickly and gently.

The unique button clasp enclosure makes the towel turban both slip and hands-free so you are free to do anything you wish as your hair is drying comfortably.