Porcelain Rose Original Cooling Towel

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Enjoy staying active longer when the temperature rises with MISSION.  It cools instantly and stays cool for up to 2 hours allowing you to continue doing what you love in the heat.

  • COOLS INSTANTLY: When activated with water it cools to 30 degrees below average body temperature in under 30 seconds. Activate quickly in 3 steps: Wet it, Wring it out and Snap it.
  • KEEPS COOL FOR HOURS: It stays cool for up to 2 hours so that you can comfortably stay active longer. To reactivate, just re-wet and snap.
  • SOFT: Wet or dry the MISSION Cooling towel is always soft and comfortable next to the skin.
  • ANTI-MICROBIAL: Enhanced with antimicrobial technology deterring odor causing agents.
  • CHEMICAL FREE & UPF 50: The towel is reusable and machine washable, with permanent chemical-free cooling fabric technology that will never wash out. It also provides UPF 50 protection from the sun.


11” X 33”

Fabric Content

61% Polyester 30% Nylon 9% Spandex