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InfuseFAST™ Eye Smoothing & Depuffing Mask - 5 Pack

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Our InfuseFAST™ Smoothing & Depuffing Eye Mask is a rapidly infusing mask that plumps depuffs & minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, elasticity, and sunken eyes in just 15 minutes. It contains a unique formulation of 24 ingredients dedicated to the under-eye aging concerns of wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, dryness, and crepey skin.

This hardworking eye mask is not like the others - it contains a new and powerful ingredient - MYOXINOL®, proven to topically inhibit muscle contractions and decrease wrinkles. MYOXINOL® is a natural, no-needles alternative peptide derived from hibiscus to help smooth expression lines and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Together with collagen, peptides, anti-aging actives, and natural extracts, our serum formula is boosted with clinically tested MYOXINOL® and then combined with the advanced biocellulose technology in the mask material which fits like a second skin. 100% biodegradable.