Stupid Car Tray Drink Holder Bundle

Stupid Car Tray Drink Holder Bundle

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The Drink Holder Bundle is the best way to keep your car clean, organized, and clutter-free.

  • Enhanced Mobile Workspace:
    • Tailored for on-the-go productivity and convenience.
  • High-Quality Construction:
    • Crafted from durable materials for long-lasting use.
  • Snug Fit on Car Seat:
    • Custom built for the front (or backseat) of your car.
  • Stable and Flat Surface:
    • Provides a sturdy and flat workspace for personal items and work essentials.
  • Sleek Modern Design:
    • Seamlessly integrates with your car's interior aesthetics.
  • Non-Slip, Textured Surface:
    • Ensures a secure grip, preventing items from sliding.
  • Cup and Mug Holders:
    • Features dedicated holders for larger cups and mugs.
  • Leveling Legs and Organizer Cubbies:
    • Offers a stable platform with additional compartments for daily essentials.
  • Cargo Straps for Security:
    • Two Cargo Straps keep your items secure, preventing them from falling onto the dash or floor mats.
  • Versatile Usage:
    • Accommodates various items, including laptops, documents, lunch, and refreshments.
  • On-the-Go Productivity:
    • Enables you to work and organize essentials comfortably while traveling.

The Stupid Car Tray provides a comprehensive solution with dedicated cup and mug holders, ensuring a secure and convenient space for your beverages alongside other daily essentials. 


  • Seat Anchor

  • Cargo Straps (x2)

  • Cup Holder 3.6" in diameter

  • Mug holder 4" in diameter


  • The Drink Holder Bundle is the most affordable way to get your Stupid Car Tray + Accessories. If you'd like a perfect-fit travel mug at a discount, check out the Mug Bundle!

  • Built with high-quality, durable materials your Drink Holder Bundle is easy to clean with some 409 and a little elbow grease. We do not recommend washing your Stupid Car Tray in the dishwasher.


  • The Drink Holder Bundle is perfect for food delivery, cake decorators, ride-share drivers, daily commuters, and van-lifers. Its versatile design makes it the best car accessory for anyone spending serious time behind the wheel.