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DELUXE MICROFIBER PUFF is a super-soft design that can be used with your HOLLYWOOD SMOOTHER Dermaplaning Device to help keep it clean and free of build-up.

Throughout your treatment, use your Microfiber Puff to remove the debris from the edge of the SMOOTHER by wiping both sides of the edge on the Puff. You will see your hair, dead skin cells, and built-up debris transfer onto the Puff. This will ensure a clean edge is used throughout, giving you the best dermaplaning results. The fibers of the Microfiber Puff act like little fingers grabbing the hair, dead skin cells, and built-up debris from the SMOOTHER. The silk ribbon on the back provides for easy handling of the puff.

The Deluxe Microfiber Puff is a best seller with any HOLLYWOOD SMOOTHER purchase. Some users call it “shockingly satisfying”, we like to say “the proof is in the Puff” because you don’t really realize how much debris is on the skin until you see it on the Puff.

Material: Made of premium cotton velour. 

Color: Black. 

Size: 10cm diameter. 

Care Instructions: Wash with a mild cleanser (baby shampoo or any low sudsing soap). Rinse well and air dry.