DAFNI Classic Special Edition - Hair Straightening Brush + Protective Thermal Cover

DAFNI Classic Special Edition - Hair Straightening Brush + Protective Thermal Cover

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  • Dafni Hair Straightening Brush – DAFNI's renowned patented technology brings you the original electric heated brush, style your hair in a fraction of the time.
  • 8X the surface of a flat iron in a smart 3D structure.
  • Safe for your hair - DAFNI uses lower temperatures than most tools, doesn’t sketch the hair like flat irons, and gives a much gentler treatment for healthy long hair for years to come.
  • Easiest tool for smoothing and styling, looks and acts like a brush (just brush slow).
  • Can style up to 10X more hair in each easy brushing stroke
  • Special Edition Brush comes with a protective thermal cover for a quicker and easier pack-up while providing added protection.
  • Not meant to be used on wet hair. Use only on dry hair.


    65% of women questioned said they would like to style their hair but don’t because it is too time-consuming (source- Mintel report). DAFNI’s patented technology was developed to help you achieve your hair goals while understanding and respecting your endless roles, ambitions, and impossible agenda.


    Uncompromised from the foundations. Quality is one of our core values and we never compromise on your hair health and safety. We gather the best materials around the world to help you upgrade your hair relationships. has been the industry's standard.


    Our dream team is in every detail. Designed and patented with love, with over 50% of the team women powerhouses, we design products we need and fall head over heels before beginning to manufacture any.


    Developed with all hair types in mind. Great time saver- can smooth and style hair up to ten times faster in simple brushing strokes. Gives a much gentler treatment, in order to keep healthy and damage-free hair. Small and efficient, can be carried in a bag or purse. Includes thermal cover and brush stand for your safety and convenience.