Panic Panties

"Never Be Without A Pair” Soft & Stretchy Lace Thong, 5 Individually - Wrapped Panties - Buy 3, Get 2 FREE (Sm/Med)

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Panties For Life’s Oh Sh*t Moments

A soft, stretchy, everyday thong you’ll love to wear. Made of the highest-quality U.S. spandex lace and a breathable cotton lining, our original Panic Panty molds to your body and flatters every shape. 

Consider these your panties in a pinch whenever, wherever you need them. Just like lipstick or a tampon, keep Panic Panties in your purse, throw them in your gym bag, stash them in your luggage, and never be without a pair again

5 Pack includes 3 Black Panties + 2 FREE Ivory Panties in S/M (fits sizes 2-10).

How to use: Tear open the packaging, take out the new pair, discreetly reseal your old pair, and get on with your day!

 The perfect pair for: 

  • Traveling
  • Date night
  • That time of the month
  • Sweaty summer days
  • Camping adventures
  • When you laugh so hard you pee a little
  • Freshening up down under
  • Laundry woes 
  • Gifts & bachelorette favors

Colors: Each bundle includes 3 Black & 2 Ivory Panic Panties

Size: Small/Medium (fits sizes 2-10)

Material: Body: 100% Nylon; Trim: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex; Lining: 100% Cotton 

Fabric made in the USA, sewn in the Dominican Republic.

Never be without a pair. Buy multiple packs!