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Limitless PowerPro 5-Device Charger with USB, Type-C, and AC

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End the search for the right port or an extra outlet by bringing the versatility of the PowerPro to you. Features 2x AC Outlets, 2 USB ports, and 1 Type-C port to provide the ultimate lineup of charging capabilities while only taking up one of your power sockets. The built-in surge protection keeps your devices safe from sudden power surges so you can quickly charge up to 5 devices with confidence. Compatible with virtually any small electronic device including phones, tablets, laptops, lamps, fans, and more!

The PowerPro provides all of today's necessary charging methods in a single, sleek desktop charger. Power a wide range of devices from phones and tablets to fans and blenders with two AC outlets, two USB ports, and one Type-C port.

Get the fastest possible charge for each of your connected devices including the latest from Apple, Samsung, Google, and more! Equipped with a 20W Type-C Power Delivery Port and two 2.4A USB Ports to recharge quickly without fighting over the charger.

Say goodbye to messy extension cords and ugly power strips. Connect up to five devices while simultaneously saving space, eliminating clutter, and organizing your charging station through a single wall outlet!

The grounded AC outlets include 1,280 joules of surge protection to safeguard your electronics from hazardous bursts, spikes, and surges.

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