Calming Heat Deluxe XXL By Sharper Image Weighted Massaging Heating Pad

Calming Heat Deluxe XXL By Sharper Image Weighted Massaging Heating Pad

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Choose between the Classic Calming Heat™ or the special edition with healing Jade Stones, at no extra cost!


What is it?

Calming Heat™ is the REVOLUTIONARY weighted massage heating pad, taking relaxation to the next level. Combines the benefits of weighted pressure with the soothing relief of a deluxe heating pad, plus massaging vibrations that can be turned on and off! Calming Heat™ now also comes with JADE HOT STONES. It combines the relief of Jade Hot Stone therapy with the vibration and pressure benefits of the Classic Heating Pad.

The secret is the soothing heat that gets absorbed onto the weight clay beads, combined with massaging vibrations delivering penetrating soothing that relaxes muscles aches and soothes stiff joints.

Features & Benefits

XXL Comfort.
Calming Heat Size XXL Width measures 20"x 24" and weighs 5.85 lbs - large enough to be used on virtually any part of your body.

12 Settings - 27 Relaxing combinations.
Choose from 3 therapeutic heat settings & 9 massaging vibration settings for your preferred comfort. 27 Relaxing combinations to choose from.

Nine-Foot Cord.
Every one of these pads comes with a nine-foot extension cord. Therefore, even if the closest electrical outlet is located a few feet from your bed or couch, you'll still be able to use your pad properly while sitting in one of those places.

Digital Controller.
You'll be able to use the digital controller attached to its extension cord to adjust the heat level. Once you've adjusted it, you won't be stuck at a certain level, as you'll be able to turn it up or down in seconds when you desire.

Automatic Shut-Off.
This heating pad will automatically shut off after two hours, so you won't need to worry about it becoming a safety risk to you or your surroundings if you fall asleep while using it.

Ideal for Sports Injuries.
If you come home with a sports injury, you'll be able to quickly place your powered-up Calming Heat pad on top of the affected area, and it'll immediately start bringing you relief. After one evening of sitting or lying down with this heating pad, you may feel fine the next day, but do not lay on the pad!

What is Calming Heat™ made of?
The pad is made out of 100% polyester fiber, and it is filled with clay beads.

Can I sleep with my Calming Heat™?
No, for safety reasons, no one must lean on, or fall asleep on the pad. Falling asleep with the pad on can cause burns and be a potential fire hazard.

How should I clean my Calming Heat™?
The pad is not machine washable and should be spot cleaned only with a damp cloth.