Brookstone 3 Outlet Smart Plug

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  • WIRELESS CONTROL - Using the Brookstone Home App, you can turn on/off electronics that are plugged into the Smart Plug. What's more, it also works with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant for voice activation control. 
  • SAFETY FIRST - Making sure that your home is safe from unwanted overheating of appliances is easy when you have this Brookstone Smart Plug. This highly functional plug connects to your existing home Wi-Fi network to provide wireless control of your electrical socket. Even when you're away, it allows you to turn on or off any plugged device automatically without having to do it manually right in the socket.
  • EASY INTEGRATION - No need for someone to install as you can Do-it-Yourself! This smart plug is very quick and easy to set up. No hub is required. Simply follow the manual included and it's good to go!
  • VERSATILE PAIRING - This 3-outlet smart plug easily connects to any Android or iOS models of smartphone or tablet devices. Simply connect the plug to your existing Wi-Fi network via the Brookstone App and you'll be notified when there's an existing device or appliance left consuming energy so you can turn it off or leave it working.
  • AUTO ON AND OFF SYSTEM - This smart plug features 3 outlets and takes up one wall outlet. Aside from monitoring plugged appliances manually, you can also do programmable scheduling of fans, lights, charger, and any other devices to turn on or off automatically even when you're not around.