BrellaShade™ Basic Pop-Up Windshield Umbrella By Sharper Image® | 2 PACK!

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BrellaShade™ Pop-Up Windshield Umbrella By Sharper Image® effectively reflects UV rays & blocks the sun’s heat while helping to protect your car’s interior, steering wheel, dashboard, seats & more while you are parked! Instantly opens and closes for easy use and installation. Durable design is crafted with premium metallic reflective fabric, reinforced stitching & a sturdy frame. BrellaShade™ Pop-Up Windshield Umbrella has a compact size that is perfect to store in your car door pocket or glove box. Multi-purpose - also allows it to be used outdoors to help block the sun or rain!

Item: BrellaShade™ Basic 2 Pack

Box: 2.8” x 2.8” x 13.78” 


  • When opening Brellashade™ Pop-Up Windshield Umbrella, the logo should be facing upwards.
  • Use both sun visors to fully secure Brellashade™ Pop-Up Windshield Umbrella up against your window.


  • What are Brellashade™ Pop-Up Windshield Umbrella dimensions?
    • Basic: 32 in x 57 in (81.28 cm x 144.78 cm)
    • When Fully Closed: 12 7/8 inch length

  • How much does Brellashade™ Pop-Up Windshield Umbrella weigh?
    • 0.93 lbs. (14.6 oz, 421 grams) – BASIC UNIT        
  • What size will fit my car?
    • The basic will fit most cars except Tesla Model 3.
  • How do I secure BrellaShade™ Pop-Up Windshield Umbrella to my window?
    • You can use both sun visors to hold BrellaShade™ Pop-Up Windshield Umbrella up against your window. Adjust material by hand to cover open areas.

  • Why is BrellaShade™ Pop-Up Windshield Umbrella covering my rearview mirror?
    • To position BrellaShade™ Pop-Up Windshield Umbrella around the rearview window, open hook and loop closure.

  • How do I clean Brellashade™ Pop-Up Windshield Umbrella?
    • Brellashade™ Pop-Up Windshield Umbrella can be spot cleaned with warm water and mild detergent.

** Sleeve is NOT included