Award Winning Kit for Thicker, Fuller Hair

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Super-light formulas that boost, lift, pump up and super-size your style. Ready to rescue, revive and perfect your color-treated hair all season long!

  Kit contains:

  • Color Security Shampoo (8.4 fl oz) 
    The first sulfate-free shampoo with no “stay-behind” ingredients that weigh hair down, dull color or worst of all, block hair growth.
  • Color Security Conditioner (Fine to Normal) (8.4 fl oz) 
    Super light conditioner detangles, hydrates without leaving hair flat.
  • Raise the Root Thicken + Lift Spray (5 fl oz) 
    The cure for flat hair! Gives major lift and supple spring, without brittleness or color darkening and distortion.
  • Pop & Lock High Gloss Treatment (1.8 fl oz) 
    Blends top technologies (oil + serum) to deliver sleek texture and epic shine, ultra-light without greasy buildup.