Dugout Mugs Atlanta Braves | Baseball Bat Mug

Dugout Mugs Atlanta Braves | Baseball Bat Mug

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In 2014, in a college baseball dugout - we asked - "can we turn a baseball bat barrel into a 12oz drinking mug?"

One person in the dugout said:

"man, I'd pour something cold into it & watch a Sunday night baseball game on TV." 

Another said "I would roll-up to a party with it!"

Fast forward to today, and that is where a majority of baseball fans use our Atlanta Braves bat mug:

  • While listening to the sizzle of your grill on a summer evening
  • Sunken into your couch on game day
  • Sipping from it during a get-together, and watching your friends desperately ask "where did you get that?!"
  • Packing it with your cooler & becoming the life of the party at a tailgate or party
  • Gifting it & watching a person crack a big smile of disbelief while saying "you can drink from this!?"

Join us -- and, Swig For the Fences®