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Airplane Pockets Airplane Pockets

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Perfect for flying, Airplane Pockets is the easy, washable, and sanitary solution to help stay organized during your flight.

Clean Surface

Airplane Pockets™ is clean enough to eat off the table.

- Worried about Germs?

- Clean surface to eat and work on.

- Your Own personal tablecloth for your tray!


Airplane Pockets™ allows a lot of legroom even when your pockets are filled with bottles, food, and accessories.

- Easy to Use - 4 expandable pockets.

- Holds your laptop, phone, water bottle, glasses, and more.

Plenty of Storage

Airplane Pockets™ keeps all your items organized and accessible at arms reach for a comfortable flight.

- Never leave ANYTHING behind.

- Reusable, easy to use, germ resistant.

- Room for ALL your things.